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Collection Q-Cup 2022

The first ever NFT digital cards collection representing
toonified players qualified to the World Cup. Launch our DApp to Buy your NFT.








A "nostalgic" collection would be nothing without the possibility to get NFTs without booster. The purchase of a pack allows you to booklet


To intensify the nostalgic side of our NFT collection, we decided to integrate a TooneyChain card album into our dApp. This album has surprises in store for you #Easter egg

Tooney Player

The NFTs in our collection will not be directly revealed. You will have to be patient before you can admire your cards

World Cup Groups

In the "World Cup Groups" interface of the TooneyChain dApp, you can find the list of qualified countries for the World Cup. You can go hunting for your favourite teams and stars or discover new ones.

About TooneyChain

TooneyChain is a Web3 company that wants to contribute to the adoption of blockchain technology through sport, and more specifically football, with its first collection: the "Q-Cup 2022". This will be a turning point for the start of our firm.


TooneyChain Collections

TooneyChain wants to take advantage of the benefits of Web3 to extend the user experience into a complete environment, including NFT, Marketplace, Gamefi, DApps and many others.

EU-Champions league Collection

Tooneychain Champions League

This collection will be based on the European champions league competition, featuring the best players of Europe.

Q-Cup 2022 Collection

Tooneychain Discord

Minting now

This collection, based on childhood memories, and the desire to collect your favourite players in a booklet.

Mondial Club World Cup

Tooneychain Discord

This collection will showcase players from the best clubs in the world competing in the Mondial Cup of clubs.





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Q4 - 2021Idea conception ✅

Elaboration of our project and creation of the "TooneyChain" project. During this first phase of conception, we established the list of material needs, authorisations, human resources, partners and budget.

Q1.Q2. - 2022Artistic & Graphic developpements of the first collection ✅

Creation of the dApp and the first Q-Cup 2022 collection by our team of developers and graphic designers.

Creation of the website.

Writing the WhitePaper.

Q3 - 2022Collection Q-Cup 2022⏳

Launch of the various communication networks and marketing.

Start of the international marketing campaign.

The festivities begin for TooneyChain with the launch of the first "Q-Cup 2022" collection, officially kicking off the project with the launch of the mint of our 17312 NFT.

Reveal of our first collection, and implementation of the first benefits.

World Cup Event Snapshot *

Q4 - 2022Development of our dApp ⏳

Our dApp is currently in the development phase. Graphic elements will be communicated to you on our Twitter and Discord communication networks. You will find their links in the "Official links" section of our WhitePaper.

Payment of interest to ASBL AlHambra.

Q1 - 2023New "Mondial Club Cup" collection & first CAD elements ⏳

Launch of our new "Club World Cup" collection. This collection will expand the possibilities by including some of the major leagues. The development of this collection will also allow us to solicit feedback from OG holders, as a test for the development of a future DAO.

Launch of a second marketing phase for the new collection.

Q2 - 2023Hosting of real-life community event ⏳

Exclusive product sales and gifts for our many NFT supporters at a private party, to end the year 2023 in the best possible way.

Development of a meeting with the children of ASBL AlHambra.

Q3 - 2023MarketPlace - Beta Phase ⏳

Study of the tokenomics of our future token: TCT.

Adding features to our dApp.

Implementation of the test phase for the TooneyChain MarketPlace.

Q4 - 2023Token TCT & Airdrop & MarketPlace & Announcement of 1st Partnership ⏳

An important step for TooneyChain is the release of our token: TCT. This utility and governance token will take TooneyChain further towards a more optimal CAD, while increasing the functional possibilities. This is the key to our future success. A project for you made by you.

Airdrop of the TCT token to silver/gold cardholders.

Official launch of the marketPlace of our dApp, with many new features and reduced fees. In order to improve the experience of our users, a mobile version of our dApp will be offered in beta during this period of the year.

The launch of the MarketPlace will be the occasion to announce our first partner. The first of many.

Q1 - 2024Watch To Earn - Beta phase & listing TCT & DAO ⏳

Testing phase of our "Watch to Earn" feature via a first beta version. This viewing mode will boost the way we consume sport on our screens, and extend the TooneyChain offer.

Listing of our TCT token within DEX.

Development of a CAD system via the governance token


Q3 - 2024Watch To Earn - Official Lunch ⏳

Official launch of our Watch To Earn which will revolutionise the way our collectors consume.


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Solidarity actions & partnerships

TooneyChain is not only a project integrating blockchain technology. We wanted to add a charitable dimension to it. The project is involved in the social field: part of the profits will be redistributed to the partner ASBL AlHambra. Thus, during the pre-sale, we will commit ourselves to give back 10% of the profits made on the sales of NFT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TooneyChain?

Our team is pleased to introduce TooneyChain, a new Web3 company comprising blockchain, NFT and football capabilities in a single environment, and created by a diverse group of well qualified individuals to build a true environment for football fans.

In which Blockchain?

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